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Non-Fusible: 30  • 40 • 63  • 80  • 125 • 160 Amp / Fusible: 30 Amp

ACI's  Fusible and non-Fusible Disconnect Switches are UL Listed under UL508 to disconnect the power source (single or three phase) from a control panel or any other application where the line power is required to be turned “Off”. Example: Load or motor disconnect switches, safety switches for air conditioners, pumps, compressors, main switches, distribution switches, lighting panels, etc. These switches are not for Service Entrance.
This patented, modern and compact switch design utilizes state of the art technology to minimize panel space and maximize switch capability. The unique patented Fusible Disconnect Switch incorporates an integral enclosed fuseholder within the body of the switch, eliminating the need for a separate fuseblock. The enclosed fuseholder design minimizes the risk to the operator in case of accidental contact with live parts. The fuseholder accepts Class CC rejection type fuses and is totally finger safe.

A wide range of operators are available, with a 22MM Mounting Style as the standard used with all “Base Mount” Disconnects. All operators are rated Type 4 (IP65). The lockable handle assembly meets the requirements of OSHA Standard 1910.147 (Lockout) for control of hazardous energy sources. The ACI Fusible and Non-Fusible Switches are UL listed and conform to IEC 408; CEI 17-11; CEE 24; VDE 0660T107; and BS 5419 and CE.

Add-on power poles are available (see accessories).
Up to two additional power poles may be added to these Disconnects, with the exception of the 30A fused unit, which will accept only one additional power pole.



Non-fused and Fused Switch

  • 3 Power Poles for the 30 - 160 Amp Models
  • 3 or 4 Power Poles for the 30 Amp Fused Model
  • Panel and / or DIN Rail mount
  • Easily accessible, finger safe, oversized box terminals with combination screw heads. Furnished open, ready to wire
  • Oversized terminals
  • Auxiliary Contact Blocks - 1 NO and/or 1 NC available
  • Add-on Non-fused power poles available
  • Compact space saving design
  • Straight line wiring
  • Double break contacts (Ag Ni) with positive contact movement during switching, all units are RoHS Compliant
  • Standard shafts available for 3.5” through 20” deep enclosure
  • Operator handle Type 4X or Type 12


Fused Switch only

  • Unique patented Fuse Holder is completely enclosed within the switch body for operator safety
  • 3 or 4 Power poles - 3 Fused and 1 Non-Fused
  • Fuse retained by swing up clamp.
  • Accepts 30 Amp (max) Class CC fuses

Door Mount Style

  • Switch mounts to the inside of the enclosure door. The handle assembly mounts on the face of the door. This saves panel space by removing the disconnect switch from the panel and placing the switch on the door. (Does not provide door interlock.)

Backpanel Mount Style

  • Switch mounts on the back panel. The handle assembly mounts on face of door. Switch connects to the handle with an adjustable length shaft. Provides door interlock. Door opens only in the "Off" position.


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