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Pendant Stations – P0, PL, HP, PLB, TLP Series

P02 Series 2 Button
Cable Sleeve style

PL08 Series 8 Button

General Information

Advance Controls' Giovenzana Pendant Pushbutton Stations are designed for heavy duty hoist and crane applications. These series utilize a rugged light weight double insulated thermoplastic enclosure which is designed for easy handling and simple operation. The ACI/Giovenzana Pendant Station Series are available in 2 through 14 buttons with single speed and two speed contact blocks. All Series Pendant stations are available with indicating arrows to show direction or legend plates for Selectors, etc. All series are available with a maintained Turn To Release Mushroom Emergency Stop Button. The head of this button changes color from Green to Red when depressed to positively indicate the position of this button. The Giovenzana Pendant Stations are available with a wide range of operators, contact blocks, nameplates and accessories.

Pendant Stations are available from stock with common configurations or custom built to customer specifications.

Pendant Station Standard Features

  • Rugged, high impact, corrosion and chemical resistant thermoplastic enclosure
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Contact blocks have standard double break, self cleaning, silver contacts
  • Chemical resistant neoprene gaskets, cable sleeves and pushbutton glands
  • Mechanical interlock standard on 1 and 2 speed pairs
  • Heavy duty steel hanger allows easy installation of strain relief cable
  • Tapered round cable entry sleeve can be cut to match cable diameter
  • Large internal plastic clamp tightens the cable firmly in the enclosure housing
  • High visibility, bright yellow finish
  • Easy to read nameplates or directional arrows
  • Simplified field wiring (PL004001/PL004002 Screw Terminal Contact Blocks and PCW01/PCW10 Spring Cage Clamp Terminal Contact Blocks available)
  • All buttons, contact blocks, strain relief block and cable entrance are mounted in the upper 1/2 of the station. To wire the station, simply remove the lower cover to expose the contact blocks and cable entrance opening. The cover screws are self retained in the lower cover. Pull the entrance cable through the cable sleeve, attach the cable wires to the contact blocks, position the cable wires and then attach the lower cover to the station.
  • Available in 2 to 14 button configurations
  • Type 4X (IP65) Rated Enclosure

Options For All Series

  • Snap Action on 2 speed Contact Blocks
  • Knob type Selector Switch
  • Removable Key Selector Switch
  • Turn to Release Indicating Mushroom Button
  • Push - Pull Mushroom Button
  • Start / Stop Buttons
  • LED Pilot Lights


  • Electrical Ratings
    All Series: 16 Amp: A600/Q600, A300,Q300
  • Operating Temperature: -20° F to +170° F
  • Shock Resistance: 110 G
  • Mechanical Life: 1 million operations

International Approvals

 Listed - File No. E145138




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