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ACI Limit Switches are the solution to industry requirements for a compact, reliable, accurate and interchangeable limit switch. Available with a wide assortment of operators, metal and non-metallic switch bodies, "snap" and "slow" action interchangeable contact blocks and physical sizes to fit the application, Advance Controls' Limit Switches are the perfect solution for the demands of today's industrial equipment.

Contact Blocks
  • Where shown, indicates positive opening of the normally closed (NC) contacts
  • Replaceable - Interchangeable from series to series and from "snap" action to "slow" action
  • Available with either positive "Snap" action or lever movement "Slow" action operation
  • Self-lifting pressure plates are furnished as standard to facilitate wiring

  • Wide assortment of available types and sizes
  • Can be positioned in many orientations
  • Lever Arm types can be field adjusted 360 degrees in 10 degree steps
  • Durable, high impact resistant, water tight, oil tight, dust tight enclosure
  • Available in metal (aluminum) or non-metallic (fiberglass reinforced resin) materials
  • Furnished standard with threaded PG13.5 opening for cable
  • Furnished standard with PG13.5 to 1/2" NPT Non-Metallic adaptor for conduit
  • Switches interchange with other manufacturers units
  • Minimum stocking and replacement units needed to cover a wide range of applications
  • Complies with International Standards (UL, CSA, IMQ, VDE, IEC)

Advance Controls' Lever Arm Type Limit Switches are factory set for operation of contacts in both CW and CCW rotation. Roller arm type limit switches can be field adjusted to operate the contacts in only one direction.

ACI's Limit Switches can be ordered either as a "Snap" action or a "Slow" action unit.
Note: All switches are shipped as complete assembled units.




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