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File Number: 188984      File Number: LR27066

Positive Terminal Wire Clamping
All ACI K Series Terminal Blocks incorporate captive screws with self lifting terminal clamps. The terminal clamp features a wire guard to prevent the wire from being inserted below the terminal clamp. The self lifting pressure plates contain serrations to insure positive clamping of either stranded or solid wire. This design assures a tight, positive connection.

File Number: LR27066

Insulated Housings
ACI K Series Terminal Block housings are molded of UL recognized self-extinguishing polyamide 6.6. The housing material has a UL recognized 94 VO rating, and has a working temperature limit from -30 to +110 degrees C.

Universal Mounting
All ACI K Series Terminal Blocks are designed to mount on standard DIN Rail. ACI Mini Terminal Blocks mount on DIN 46277/2 “HAT” type rail. All other ACI Terminal Blocks mount on DIN 46277/3 “HAT” type and DIN 46277/1 “G” type rail.

ACI Terminal Blocks have a wide range of accessories available to meet a variety of specific application requirements.


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