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The Advance Controls, Inc. B Series 22 mm Metallic Pushbuttons are heavy duty industrial control devices available
with a wide range of Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Operators. The buttons are fully gasketed for type 4X (IP65)
protection. This is to prevent the entrance of water, oil, and dirt past the operator into the enclosure. The modular
construction makes "on the job" assembly both fast and simple. The contact blocks are "stackable", allowing many
combinations of control layouts.

Contact Blocks / Lamp Holder   Mounting Adaptor  

How To Order
Order ACi's B Series 22 mm Metallic Pushbuttons by the 6 digit Catalog Numbers as shown below:

Non-Illuminated Pushbuttons:
1) Order the Non-Illuminated Operator
2) Order the Contact Block
3) Order the Mounting Adaptor
4) Order any additional Contact Blocks


Illuminated Pushbuttons:
1) Order the Illuminated Operator with Full Voltage Lamp Holder and Mounting Adaptor
2) Order the Lamp for the Lamp Holder
3) Order any needed Contact Blocks


Technical Specifications
  UL File Number: 221485            CSA File Number: LR114811
Contact Rating: 10 Amp / 600 Volt (Pilot Duty) / A600 / Q300
Mounting: 22 mm (7/8" Diameter) Hole
Maximum Number of Contact Blocks: 6
Maximum Lamp Wattage: 2.5 Watts
Contact Operation: NO = Slow Make / Double Break
  NC = Slow Break / Double Break / Positive Opening
Wire Range: Minimum: 22 AWG • Maximum: 14 AWG


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